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      In August 2015 we realized trilateral project of youth exchange in Bydgoszcz where we hosted groups from Finland and Portugal. As a result of that the partner school Nurmijärven Yhteiskoulu invited us to Nurmijärvi near Helsinki where we stayed between 18-25 August 2016. We participated in the school classes and in other school events because our friends had started their school tear in the beginning of August. Each of the Polish participants lived with a hosting family which enabled them to experience culture, customs and communication in English. We were invited to the Municipal Office of Nurmijärvi where the authorities of the town presented us the Finnish school system and the youth policy in Finland which is very important for the state. We participated in a real history lesson visiting a beautiful town Porvoo, the second oldest town in Finland. We saw a Church Porvoo Communion, The Runeberg Museum, the old chocolate factory and wooden houses by the river which belong toUNESCO world heritage. At the Garlic Festival in Kerava we had the opportunity to try numerous garlic delicacies together with garlic ice creams... We also visited the oldest town in Finland, Turku and the capital Helsinki. The Finnish theatre evening was a great experience for us. The play by Aleksis Kivi titled “Nummisuutarit” was presented in a beautiful nature spot in the middle of the forest where the nature and very old chalets were the part of a scenery. We learnt to play Finnish baseball and used traditional Finnish sauna by the lake Sääksi. The farewell evening meant presentations of our countries and regions, dances, common singing and of course national cuisine. We left Finland with new experiences, better communication skills and the conviction that it is worthwhile getting to know peers form another European countries and learning from each other.

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1 - Our presentation in front of the Finnish partners
2 - On the way to Porvoo- both partner groups
3 - Haikko Manor House where a famous painter Albert Edelfelt lived.
4 - A chance for a luxurious drive?

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5 - A scenic town Porvoo - the senond oldest town in Finland
6 - Obligatory swimming in the lake after the sauna, despite the rain...
7 - A lesson of Finnish baseball
8 - In the Municipal Office- welcome to Bydgoszcz

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9, 10 - The Finnish theatre - Aleksis Kivi "Nummisuutarit"
11 During the theatre break
12 - Exchange of impressions on the play

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13 - Exchange of impressions on the play
14 - We are teaching the partners our dances
15 - Our musical presentation
16 - The last evening with national kitchen

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Multilateral project of international youth exchange
Scotland 2016
      With the support of ERASMUS Plus Programme, five partner organisations: from Finland, Scotland, Austria, Hungary and from Poland met in Glasgow to realize the final part of the exchange project in July 2016. The project title “Fit for Europe’ shows only a part of plenty activities and events that 60 young people participated in. All of us were interested in getting to know new cultures, learning new skills, personal development and improving our communication in English. Each day “belonged” to a different nation which meant lots of presentations, dances, singing and the main meal with national delicacies. Integration games and energisers were present in our programme every day as well as discussions, workshops and debates on the most important issues for today’s youth in present Europe. Active recreation and sport included unforgettable climbing Dumbarton peak with sightseeing of Dumbarton Castle in the Loch Lamond area. There was also outdoor activity hiking, bike tours, swimming, kayaking and a fantastic visit to a famous football stadium Celtic Park. Some of us were given a unique opportunity to take part in a real match Scotland-Gibraltar! Both our physical and psychical endurance were tested during a thrilling Night Walk which was so exciting that most of us wanted to repeat this experience once again. We visited the amazing Riverside Museum and afterwards went to The City Chambers. This magnificent city hall remembering the times of Queen Victoria made huge impression on us all. The Scottish themed day was full of surprises. We were taught “Scottish Country Dancing”, listened to bagpipes, learnt how to make a real Scottish tartan and we were served the traditional Scottish dish: haggis. It was delicious. The Evening of Talents was equally emotional. Plenty of young people presented their unusual skills and abilities. We spent 7 days in Auchenguillan Centre where we learnt from each other, shared our emotions and experiences within five different national qualities.

One of our participant’s reflections on the blogspot:

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1 - Our everyday activities
2 - Preparing Polish themed dinner
3 - One of energizers
4 - Integration due to sports

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5 - The view from Dumbarton Castle
6 - In front of the Riverside Museum
7 - At the City Chambers
8 - At the Celtic Park

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9 - Learning Scottish country dances
10 - Our presentation at the Evening of Talents
11 - The night line
12 - A taekwondo lesson

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13 - Scottish festival of colours
14 - The final effect of Scotish festival of colours
15 - Our companion bagpiper
16 - We liked the sound of bagpipes very much

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17 - A part of Polish group in half way to the destination
18 - A huge steam engine in the museum of transport
19 - Despite the wind and effort we're in good moods
20 - We will remember the beauty of Scotland...


That is the name of trilateral project of the youth exchange the final part of which took place in Zespol Szkol no 22 in Bydgoszcz in August 15-24, 2015. In cooperation with ERASMUS PLUS program we hosted two partner groups from Portugal and Finland. The youth from three European countries were joined by common action focused on personal development, gaining new skills, mutual recognizing of different and similar culture features, sharing experiences and learning from each other. Polish participants taught their Portuguese and Finnish friends how to dance Polonaise, the Finnish taught us their national dance and the Portuguese showed us how to play drums and how to make puppies using... newspapers. The Finnish group promoted healthy style of living teaching us Nordic Walking and various ways of practicing sports outdoors. We headed for knowledge escapades to Pomarania and Kujawy region thanks to which we could show the guests our culture heritage and chosen aspects of Polish history. Having analysed street surveys conducted during the preparation stage of the project we were searching for common values present in lives of today’s Europeans. Apart from English we also practiced a bit of Portuguese, Finnish and Polish languages. We had also the opportunity to meet with the President of Bydgoszcz in The Municipal City Hall where we told about our unusual experience having the interview with the local press and radio, too. The kitchen of three nations, international football and volleyball matches, the ceremonial parade of all participants, coordinators and invited guests where we presented the effects of our cooperation –these are only chosen aspects of our co working. The evaluation part of the project is still going on and then... maybe continuation, but in a different partner’s country.

Trójnarodowa grupa projektowa na gdańskiej Starówce Trójnarodowa grupa projektowa na gdańskiej Starówce
Three-national project group in the Old Town of Gdańsk
Meeting with the President of the city of Bydgoszcz in the City Hall

Drums playing workshops conducted by the group from Amares, Portugal
Puppet workshops, which show how to do something when you have nothing... but newspapers  

Evaluation of the project, the moment of personal reflection
The place of our everyday work - now we are learning some Finnish and Portuguese language

The obligatory football match: Portugal - the rest of the world :-) Guess who won!
The guests loved dinners that were served in our school every day.

  Presentation of a task "Bydgoszcz Challenge"
The ceremonial parade to finish this part of the project in Poland. We are marching with music, songs and hope for our next meetings.

The final part of the International Youth Exchange Project took place between 24th and 31st March 2013. We were hosted in Amares, where the CDRC Amarense Association has its place of residence. Its members are active young Portuguese people who became our partners in the project. We commonly realized lots of tasks the aim of which was mainly intercultural recognition. It was conducted through various workshops on diverse themes, musical, artistic and theatre projects, research expeditions, the kitchen of both nations, talks, discussions, and also through common meals, traveling and playing together. We mutually learnt tolerance, accepting our differences, recognize our features strengthening our identity. We are now getting ready to the second part of the project which is hosting our Portuguese partners in Poland. We hope to deepen our bonds and to broaden them including one more European country.

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Partner groups of the International Youth Exchange Project Poland - Polrtugal 2013.

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One of our research expeditions - in Porto

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Preparing "International Kitchen" evening.

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Theatre-music workshops preparing street animations.

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One of artistic projects - Polish group taught by the Portuguese.

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Everyday workshops unifying us during realisation of the tasks.

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Constant register of every project activity is one of additional tasks for the coordinators of the exchange.

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Musical presentation of Polish group met with great acclaim of the listeners.

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Young partners in common action - one of the final happenings with the presence of the local community..


In accordance to the preparation of the final part of the international exchange project between Poland and Portugal, titled “The Bridge over Europe-in the Rhythm of Two Cultures”, on February 22-24 the coordinators of the partners groups met in Amares, Portugal.
We worked on the detailed schedule of the final meeting and met with the partners group of the youth talking about our mutual plans and expectations. We divided tasks and pointed out responsible parties. We had also opportunity to see the place of our accommodation and to get to know with the area where the meeting will take place. It will happen between 24-31 March 2013 in Amares. Our plans concerning the second part of the projects which is the visit of the Portuguese group in Poland are due to be realized in September 2013. [Rozmiar: 111528 bajtów]

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Planning the New Project.

     Since March 2012 we have been in touch with a new partner group from Amares in Portugal. We have started planning our partnership cooperation and after having had the agreement on the common spheres of interests and expectations we decided to prepare the international project of youth exchange. Now both groups are busy writing the application to raise funds which will enable us to organize a face-to face meeting of the project participants. The first stage is planned to take part in Portugal in spring 2012.

Our project partners in action:

The town Amares - place of living of the partner group.

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